Kagadi Home Members

Małgorzata Szolc
President of the Foundation’s Board

Kagadi Home Foundation was established on 12.01.2021. The founder is Małgorzata Szolc. Privately, a happy wife, mother of Julka and Oliwier.
She is a teacher, she teaches children at the first stage of education. In her work, she uses creative teaching methods, mainly based on music and movement. Work is her passion. He approaches each life initiative with great commitment and energy. She fills her free time with music, which is a stimulus for her life. She loves Africa. The reality in which local people live makes her humble, their spontaneous joy inspires her, and gratitude motivates her to transgress patterns and take action.

You can’t change the whole world, but you can change the whole world of one person.”.

This is the motto that guides her in life, and faith is the path by which many needy people want to come true.

Agnieszka Walewander
Vice-president of the Foundation’s Board

She is with the Foundation from the very beginning. Her natural feature is reliability in action. She knows where each document lies. She coordinates each project with sensitivity to the needs of our children. She has inexhaustible energy and lots of ideas. Even the craziest ones are carried out with courage and a big heart! She takes full advantage of life. She is a teacher of early childhood education. Privately, a happy wife and mother.

Magdalena Zajdlicz-Syta
Foundation Board Member, Accountant

In the foundation, Magdalena deals with accounting matters from the very beginning. Accounting is for her not only a profession, but most of all a passion, and she treats continuous education as an interesting challenge. Analytical mind, reliability and meticulousness combined with peace and harmony allow breaking the stereotypes of the accounting profession. She loves dogs, especially english greyhounds. Professionally she runs an accounting office. Privately, a happy wife, mother of Marcel and Maksymilian.

Pius Mugisa
Founder of the Glam Charity Foundation

The founder of the non-governmental organization GLAM Charity operating in Uganda is Pius Mugisa – a man with a big heart, he is involved in all activities for children, as well as actively participating in their lives.

Pius was born and lives in Kagadi, Uganda. He will soon graduate from the Makerere University in business statistics. He is passionate about photography.

The Glam Charity Foundation was established on his initiative and started operating in 2016. It was fully registered by the central authorities on February 6, 2020, and is currently a non-governmental organization operating under the rights of an NGO.

Private donations are the main source of funding for such organizations.

Fundacja GLAM
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