Power of memories! We have so many of them…?


Uganda is beautiful, welcoming, warm-hearted, patient and caring. A multitude of languages, a variety of flavors, life surrounded by banana forests, coffee plantations, among avocado trees … A country that is called the Pearl of Africa for a reason. People lead a very modest life, but always caring for other people … cultivating timeless values.

The journey along the swallow trail was very long, but it led us to the purest source of joy and goodness. Kagadi is a place that repays with incredible gratitude for a kind word, smile and being together. This is where our mission begins ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

"A child is a gift from God that blooms under the influence of love..."

…is the hope that keeps growing …”

„...a project that is still coming true…”

”…a future that always remains open!”

Final of the competition “The world around us …”

On October 29, at the Municipal Public Library in Łaziska Górne, the summary of the competition...

Summary if the Fiundation’s activities in 2021

At the end of the 2021 calendar year, we present a summary of our Foundation's activities. This...

With a mission to Kagadi

It's time to fly to Africa to hug our and your kids tightly, because everyone who supports our...

Charity concert

On June 9, 2022, in the Municipal Cultural Center in Łaziska Górne, a CHARITY CONCERT took place....

Training congress of NGO Academy of Leaders

The project is financed by the Fund's Program Civic Initiatives NOWEFIO for the years 2021-2030.

Giving a name to the house

Saturday, February 19, was a special day for the people under the care of the Foundation. On this...


The aim of the POMAGAMiś campaign is to awaken the commitment of both children and adults, to...

First the Kagadi Home Foundation Friends Tournament

The first and we hope - not the last, because it will be a great joy and pleasure for us to meet...

On a journey with the library

Exhibition of portraits of our children by Monika Hutyra. A talk about why helping is fun! JUMP...

V GP Biegatonu, Leśna Szarańcza 2021

Summing up the June events that took place thanks to the Foundation's cooperation with STS...

Why Kagadi Home?

Kagadi is our second home, it is a place on earth that inspired us so much to do good. This is where our mission begins.

Our mission

Most of them do not have biological parents. Parents abandon their children because of fear of responsibility, because of death from HIV / AIDS…

Let’s help together

How to become a friend of the Kagadi Home Foundation? Visit our website and experience this unique place where we do good…

Kagadi Home Members

Kagadi Home Members

Kagadi Home Members

Kagadi Home Members

Project "Home"

The greatest dream of our 26 kids is to attend to school. We would like to make their dreams come true…

Project “Give an animal”

Pigs are one of the animals that are easy to breed with minimal cost, but with a high profit margin!

Project "Fairy tale portraits"

Monika is an extremely talented woman, an artist!

“Learning is a journey” Project

Help our children to make their dream of returning to school come true! Join the project and take one of our children on such a journey!


We see loneliness and poverty, and at the same time people’s great dreams, and we respond to their needs on an ongoing basis. Most of the inhabitants are affected by poverty, which allows them to eat one meal a day, not always one …


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