Our mission

“Faith is love for the unseen; faith is trust in the impossible and improbable.”

Most of them do not have biological parents. Parents abandon their children because of fear of responsibility, because of death from HIV / AIDS, or because of illness, accident, or poor hygiene. This is what is driving extreme poverty in many places in Africa. Children wear the same clothes all year round, the clothes are not washed due to the lack of soap, water …The greatest dream of children is going to school. Education at school is paid, as does medical care, so again options are limited or not available at all.

Despite this extreme poverty, children are distinguished by incredible sensitivity and great potential, and the Kagadi Home Foundation is a space that allows them to grow up with self-esteem and the belief that they are important and unique!

The basis of our relationship is understanding, mutual respect and trust. 

During the school year, children live in a rented house, thanks to which they have easier access to school.What we care about is their constant contact with the local community. We want multigenerational families to take part in raising children.

The people of Kagadi communicate in their tribal language, Runyoro. Children from an early age also learn English, which is the official language of Uganda.


  • openness
  • selfless willingness to help
  • passion
  • development
  • faith!

We make sure that children are provided with shelter, food, access to water, medical care and basic medicines.

We care for the self-development of children, opening the door to education for them.

We believe in the power of positive relationships and the unlimited possibilities of others.

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